Wim Wenders is a genius! He takes the audience on a very simple yet brilliant journey of the subject’s mundane life. Koji’s acting is so captivating! His eyes speak beautifully. His smile when he wakes up first thing in the morning and gazes at the morning sky, his smile when he waters his plants, his smile when he reads his books at night, his smile when he listens to his music on cassette tapes, they’re all different from each other in their own unique ways.

Arpita Roddanavar

Perfect Days

10 AUGUST: 3 pm & 7 pm
125 Mins | Japan (subtitles) | Drama |


This film gained the Cannes Jury Prize and Best International Film and Palme d’Or nominations. Its lead, Koji Yakusho, won the Best Actor award for playing the role of Hirayama, a public toilet cleaner in Tokyo. We follow Hirayama as he goes about his day’s work, and discover that despite his structured daily routine, his life proves richer than first appears, finding joy in observing and appreciating everyday happenings—a reminder that what we get out of life depends upon how we approach it. The film takes a minimalist, Zen approach to storytelling. Its Japanese title, korembi (“sunlight leaking through trees”), is a metaphor for its message that we should transcend the hustle bustle of modern life and take time to appreciate the simple joys of life and nature. 

Doors Open at 2:30 pm for licensed bar, tea/coffee, slices
Movie Starts at 3:00 pm

Doors open at 6:00 pm for licensed bar, tea/coffee, slices
Movie starts at 7pm
nibbles, meals or restaurant takeaway (Tables provided)


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