…Susanne Bier is a Danish director whose movies (are) extremely well-acted, well- directed features … Here is another elegant and well-turned piece of work, perhaps Bier’s most persuasive movie yet. Mads Mikkelsen plays Jacob, an aid worker in Mumbai, fiercely committed to helping the needy children who adore him. He is a driven man who appears to have channelled various personal demons into his missionary zeal.

Peter Bradshaw

The Guardian

After the Wedding

6 NOV:  7 pm
Denmark (subtitles)
120 Mins | Drama | 2006 |


Well-known Danish director Susanne Bier (Open Hearts, Brothers) directed and co-wrote this film, which reflects her distinctive and engaging storytelling style. This 2005 Oscar-nominated film centres around Jacob Petersen (Mads Mikkelsen), an idealist ex-hippy from Denmark, who has been running an orphanage in India, now threatened with closure. He returns to Denmark, lured by the prospect of getting funding for the orphanage from businessman Jorgen (Rolf Lassgard), who seems keen to protract Jacob’s visit, even inviting him to his daughter’s imminent wedding. A weird duel develops between the two men – at its heart, an awful personal secret. Jacob finds himself embroiled in a contemporary dilemma which connects painfully and inescapably with buried aspects of his past. Deciding where his loyalties and his future lie represent the core of the film’s drama.

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