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The New Boy

07 OCT: 3 pm & 7 pm
116 Mins | Australia | Drama |


Inspired by his own experience of Catholic boarding school, indigenous film-maker Warwick Thornton began writing the script well before release of his acclaimed films Samson and Delilah and Sweet Country.  A nun, played by Cate Blanchett, takes charge of a remote orphanage in the 1940s. She is intrigued by an unruly, free-spirited boy who among other things, seems to have certain inexplicable powers.  Deborah Mailman as another nun and Wayne Blair as the farmhand who helps look after the children provide some humour.  Thornton’s ambitious examination of the collision between colonising Christianity and indigenous spirituality is open to different interpretations.  Reviewers have raved about 11-year-old Aswin Reid’s performance in the title role and the cinematography.

Doors Open at 6 pm.
Movie starts at 7:00 pm licensed bar, tea/coffee, slices
BYO nibbles, meals or restaurant takeaway (Tables provided)


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