It’s a visual tapestry, stitched together with an intimacy that vividly evokes the sense of camaraderie shared by the campaigners, along with the many discomforts they endured.

Sandra Hall

Sydney Morning Herald


22 April: 3 pm & 7 pm
91 Mins | Australia | Doco |


Alice Hungerford – Life long activist, facilitator in the Save the Franklin River Campaign, and author of ‘Upriver’, will introduce this important documentary. 

Many in Maleny will recall Australia’s most significant and successful environmental campaign: the 1980’s battle to save Tasmania’s Franklin River from being dammed to generate hydro-electricity. The death of passionate campaigner Michael Cassidy inspired his son Oliver to pay tribute to his father by retracing his dangerous 14-day kayak trip down the Franklin. Oliver takes his father’s paddle and campaign diary with him to heighten his sense of connection to his late father.  Director Kasimir Burgess intercuts the film with 1980’s footage of the famous blockade and the subsequent arrest of 1271 protesters, as well as the recollections of Bob Brown, all of which enhance the film’s historical significance. Michael Cassidy’s voice is provided by Hugo Weaving.  Filming highlights include the UNESCO World Heritage sites along the Franklin River.

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