These are tricky scenes to bring off, but Mendes has written them with such care and Colman performs them with such a delicate awareness of just how far they should be taken that the swift changes in pace and tone don’t hit a false note.

Sandra Hall

Sydney Morning Herald

Empire of Light

24 JUNE: 3 pm & 7 pm
113 Mins | UK | Romantic Drama |


Described as ‘an achingly lovely film’, Empire of Light is about the power of human connection. Directed, written and co-produced by Sam Mendes (Skyfall, 1917), it is set in an English coastal town of the early 1980s.   Olivia Coleman stars as Hillary Small, the duty manager at the Empire Cinema,  who is struggling with bipolar disorder,  and her relationship with a new employee,  a young Black British man,  whom we see experiencing racism and harassment.  The strong supporting cast includes Colin Firth as the manager, Toby Jones as the projectionist with his own story, and the Empire theatre, filled with light when the heavy drapes are once again opened. It is a sweet, heartfelt movie, which doesn’t shy away from what is happening in the streets outside the cinema.

Doors Open at 2:30 pm for licensed bar, tea/coffee, slices
Movie Starts at 3:00 pm
Doors Open at 6 pm.
Movie starts at 7:00 pm licensed bar, tea/coffee, slices
BYO nibbles, meals or restaurant takeaway (Tables provided)


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