Her wish came to pass. Wuthering Heights is a book for the ages, and her poetry (unlike her sisters’), still lifts off the page with bleak despairing imagery and a ferocious independence of tone.

Roger Ebert


5 AUGUST: 3 pm & 7 pm
130 Mins | UK | Drama |


Emily, a fictionalised drama of the tumultuous period in the life of author Emily Bronte leading up to her writing the novel Wuthering Heights, marks the directorial debut of Australian actor Francis O’Connor (Mansfield Park). Rising star Emma Mackey (Death on the Nile) delivers an intense performance as the vibrant, spirited and rebellious young woman about to produce the most dramatic English novel of her time.  Faced with a scarcity of documented information on her subject, O’Connor takes an imaginative and unabashedly speculative approach in developing the character of Emily to reflect the independence and vitality associated with her novel’s heroine, and Emma Mackey seems perfectly cast in her powerful portrayal of a passionate and troubled soul who transforms her own feelings and experiences into a literary masterpiece.

Doors Open at 2:30 pm for licensed bar, tea/coffee, slices
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Movie starts at 7:00 pm licensed bar, tea/coffee, slices
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