… Renaud and Boon make a delightful couple, lovers of Paris will be thrilled as the cab passes various famous landmarks or drives down lesser-known suburban streets, and the sentimental ending jerks the tears.


Driving Madeleine (Une Belle Course)

23 SEPTEMBER: 3 pm & 7 pm
91 Mins | France | Drama |


A woman engages a taxi driver to take her across Paris. The passenger is 92-year-old Madeleine Keller (Line Renaud). She has had a fall and their destination is an old people’s home. The driver Charles (Dany Boon) is at first bored and uncommunicative. After all, much of his life is spent behind the wheel. And he has only two remaining points on his licence. Madeleine’s memories of her long life are triggered by places they see on the trip, and she tells Charles about her experiences, many of them heartbreaking. Her stories eventually engage Charles and he becomes more and more intrigued by this remarkable woman’s life. What develops is a heart-warming and unexpected relationship between two unlikely people.  Famous Paris landmarks add to the film’s charms.

Doors Open at 6 pm.
Movie starts at 7:00 pm licensed bar, tea/coffee, slices
BYO nibbles, meals or restaurant takeaway (Tables provided)


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